About our Fellowship:

Our age– We started in 2002

Our Affiliation– Christian and Missionary Alliance

How we’re different– Relaxed and contemporary Cafe Style.

How we’re the same– We teach from the Bible as the one true word of God.

The church and money– we don’t take an offering. One of the frequent complaints about Church is that “They’re always asking for     money.” Well, we have expenses and obligations just like every other organization. Finances are a very real issue. We, as a group, decided to omit the formal offering that is experienced in more traditional churches. Your gifts and offerings are between you and the Lord. Worship through giving is Biblical and personal. There are envelopes on the tables for your giving and they are collected after the service. God has always blessed this body of believers with enough to keep going, and we believe that He will continue to provide.

Why coffee and doughnuts? Because people like coffee and doughnuts, and we like people!

Our people– This is a very special group of people in that we try to be “real,” a “what you see is what you get” group of believers. People have often experienced cliques when they have tried to get involved in a church community. Knowing that folks tend to   gravitate towards like-minded people, we here at  Flightpath have a small group ministry. We are open groups and invite all that  are interested to join us…you’ll only be a stranger for the first few minutes of the very first meeting!

Our service– We generally share our prayer requests with the whole group on the first Sunday of the month, but you can share requests with Pastor Mark at any time. We share the Lord’s supper the first Sunday of the month. We have a greeting time  at the beginning of the service as we feel it’s important to get to learn each other’s names and catch up with one another.

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Flight Path Fellowship


At FlightPath Fellowship we desire to fulfill our Christ-given mission of making disciples (Matt. 28:19-20.) We are passionate about reaching those who are far from God, growing up those who are in Christ, and supporting those who are serving around the globe.  We want to see you get focused, equipped, connected, and involved.




Pastor Mark Brumley      4749 McMillen Drive Erie, PA 16505       814.836.8410

Service Times: Sunday 11:00am to 12:15pm Wednesday 7pm to 8:30pm

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